The historic Gordon Building at the northeast corner of Ninth and Logan streets appears to have a bright future under new owner Dick Gordon of Noblesville Premium Properties.

The Gordon family bought the building in September 2019. It renovated the upper floor and added new lights, a new ceiling, new walls and new carpet. The second story is 6,000 square feet. The first floor is 7,500 square feet. The basement is 7,000 square feet. Spaces from 100 square feet to 5,700 square feet are available for lease.
“We are just now ready to lease it,” said Gordon, a Noblesville resident. “We’ve had people waiting to be able to go in and tour it. There’s been a number of calls. We just got it finished, and we just (recently) got some murals up.”

The murals are on the outside of the building facing Logan and Ninth streets. Artists Becky Hochhalter, Megan Jefferson, Koda Witsken and Travis Neal painted the murals to represent Noblesville.